Heflin is interested in the performer/composer relationship, use of text, contradiction, connection, and vulnerability. This fascination extends into composition and the creation of musical forms which range from standardly notated, written instructions, and exploring those gray areas in between. Works often have a dramatic element. Please contact directly for scores.

List of Works:
Through the Looking-Glass, a music-theatre work for Shannon Reilly (premiere November 3, 2019)
My Voice for Ostrava choir, text by Oscar Wilde (upcoming, 2019)
Lying to Myself for Wind-up Elephant toy viola and toy piano, text by Jessica Abughattas (2018-19)
Included/Excluded for string quartet (2018-19)
Still More/More Still for Melissa McCann soprano, choreography by Jerusha de Waal (2018)
Shadow Music for Unheard-Of Ensemble B-flat Clarinet and Piano (2018)
A Girl for viola and voice, text by Ezra Pound (2017-18)
Searching for Bears for solo bassoon (2017)
Wave for viola and electronics (2016)